I’m passionate about movies. And TV shows and maybe games and anime too. 

So instead of looking at a specific angle when I decided to write about these passions, I decided to go big.

Through this blog, I’ll be tackling anything and everything movie-themed. So I get to talk about the stuff I love and then adding a lot of fun merchandise on top of that talk.

So if you’re looking for anything movie-themed, I’ll probably have a post talking about it. 

The posts will include, but not limited to:

  • Lists of movie props
  • Movie costumes
  • Movie themed parties
  • Movie themes merchandise
  • Movie themed gifts
  • Sources to watch a certain kind of movie or movie from a certain filmmaker
  • Movie filming locations

But it’ll be about movies. The post will talk about merchandise but the soul will be about the story that inspired them. Mostly. 

So get started with my first post and work your way down to my latest. 

aditya nambiar

Aditya Nambiar