There are many accessories that form crucial components of iconic characters. The shades, leather jackets, dresses, the cars they drive. 

Baseball caps are also part of this list. Maybe not as common as the items mentioned earlier, some have managed to be part of an iconic look.

Think the holographic baseball cap Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future Part II. It’s instantly recognizable and part of the most recognizable time traveler. 

So, to celebrate these mini-icons I’ve made a list of the most recognizable baseball hats from movies.

Back to the Future Part II

How do you top one of the most culturally important time-traveling movies? You go to the future and change the expectations for the future forever.

We’re still disappointed as each Tesla announcement isn’t a flying car or hoverboard.

Back to the Future numero uno had Marty McFly travel in time to the past to fiddle with events so that his present doesn’t play out the way it does. 

But once the premise was set, it was more about getting the most out of it. And boy did Robert Zemeckis make the most out of it

Meeting the dorky version of his parents, creating a time-traveling bully, changing music history and being named after the underwear he wore. It was a trip for the ages.


Not only was the original mission successful, but the changes also set up the next installment in the franchise. All the while rocking the most 80s poster ever

Oh, and making a certain Delorean part of movie history. Well, everything from the first two movies became part of movie history. 

Then in the second installment, he travels to the future and gets up to his usual shenanigans. Redefining what the 80s (and future generations) expected from the future, technologically speaking.

Hoverboards, flying cars, instant pizzas. By the way, all this was set in 2015. Domino’s is still up and running guys. 

There are a few that did make it from the movie to real life. Not a bad list. 

One of the lesser lights of this vision of the future was a holo cap. A cap that unlike the cool stuff is available today. So glad this was the one thing we got. 

It seems a lot more flamboyant than the one in the movie. That should make up for the other stuff right. 

Boyz n the Hood

This movie is also considered a cultural icon. But for very different reasons than the Back to the Future franchise. 

It showed the harrowing circumstances ghetto kids were put in, and the way each chance of escape is steadily taken away from them. 

Ice Cube brought the fire and fury required for his role as Doughboy in the movie. A departure for the former NWA member.

Other than his unforgettable performance, the Doughboy cap is also memorable for viewers. 

Jurassic Park

Of all the things that became part of movie history in Jurassic park – the Animatronics, the walking cane with a fossil handle, the Jurassic Park logo, Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill’s stare, colorful night-vision glasses, even water in a glass – I choose to focus on the cap worn by the guy driving the actual memorable characters.

The cap is a classic red and white with the Jurassic Park logo. What do you mean it’s a trucker hat? Shut up, it’s my list. 

Indiana Jones

And the temple of doom. Another iconic movie where I choose to focus on the barely noticeable stuff. 

The character of Little Round was annoying for various reasons. Primarily the crippling stereotyping in the 80s. 

But he did wear a baseball cap. An actual baseball cap to make up for the trucker cap mishap of the last item on the list.

Forrest Gump

Iconic movie. Iconic characters. Iconic cap.

Forrest Gump gave us a slew of memorable scenes. Very contrasting memorable scenes. It gave Tom Hanks an Oscar. It gave us a very sad character death.

Forrest’s best friend in the war dies leaving the audience feeling shaken and a bit sh&t. 

They use this death and run with it in a way that it ends with good feelings all around. In the process, it gave rise to the Bubba Gump shrimp hat. 


An actual company too, but we get to buy the cap. He’s wearing the same cap during his epic run across the States.

Stranger Things

Did I say movies? I don’t remember saying just movies.

Sure seasons 2 and 3 took the sting out of this Stranger Things phenomenon. But we’ll always have season 1.


That and Dustin’s cap. The Duffy brothers better get Season 4 right or this gets cut from the list.

Wayne’s World

This is still a thing. I don’t get it personally, but that doesn’t stop it from being a thing.

Mike Myers’s movie still has a strong effect on its fans. But I don’t get it. Guess you had to be there and then. 

Top Gun

Before we get Graham Norton losing his sh&t over the stunts Tom Cruise did himself for the Top Gun sequel, let’s celebrate the 1986 icon with the Top gun cap.

The trailer looked badass. Tom Cruise looked badass. The fighter jets looked badass. Ed Harris looked a bit tired? I’m sure that was the way the trailer was done.

Ed Harris shall not disappoint. Jon Hamm might though.

Final word

Sure the list may not have lived up to its name. I made sure of that.

But hopefully, the list ignited a few memories. That is the least I expect from my posts. That it gets a few people reminiscing. And loose with their cash. Suckers.

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