Hats and movie characters have had a loving relationship since the age of the old Westerns. 

It starts off as an accident almost, a simple choice of headwear for a character. Then the character becomes iconic and the hat with it.

Then they become so closely associated with each other that they become one entity. 

I had my first experience of this with Indiana Jones, like many others. So that begs the question, what are some of the most famous hats in movies? And TV shows because I have to mention Peaky Blinders.

So I googled that for about 5 minutes and came up with this list.

Peaky Blinders hat style

Though not a traditional hat, I had to include the newsboy hat or as fans of the show call them, Shelby hats. 

I can’t think of anything more appropriate for this list (even though it says ‘movie’ and ‘hat’ in the title).

No other show uses headgear to the effect Peaky blinders has. Right from the opening theme and the opening scene, the Shelby hat becomes the most recognizable part of the show.


Sorry, Cillian Murphy and Helen McRory. This flat cap is an excellent accessory for any wardrobe, even warm weather. Heh, no it’s not, you’ll look outright douchey.

The Mad Hatter’s … hat

Even I can’t possibly pass this off as daily wear material, the mad hatter’s top hat is a wonder of human innovation. So many colors at the same time. 

There’s even a less gaudy version. But the craziness seeps through when you wear a hat that size, and when you have the price listed on it. 

Johnny Depp wore it to great effect right until the moment he did the Futterwacken (had to google), at which point audience everywhere checked out. 

There’s an outfit too, for those who have taken leave of their senses and about to hurt their knee doing the dance. You post a link to that dancing video.

Indiana Jones’ fedora

I had to include this at some point. So here it is. A very famous hat

Now all you need is a whip, and we can party. And then go to an Indiana Jones convention. 

The officially licensed version is sold at Village Hat Shop. Indiana Jones used it to great effect when he made all those hit movies. And Kingdom of the crystal skull.

Cat in the Hat hat

I know it isn’t funny. Bear with me.

In one of Dr. Seuss’s least beloved movie adaptations, Mike Myers’ titular cat wears a truly garish creation

Something so garish, it made into a list with Indy’s fedora. 

Harry potter wizard hats

So many to choose from the 8 semi-successful movies in the franchise.

Have to start with the sorting hat. There’s a version that shouts the name of a random house, pr any other words you want.

It’s a puppet hat, so someone’s got to operate the mouthpiece and do the talking. Makes you wonder about the actual hat. 

You could also take the worst part of Dumbledore from the movie, like the Grindelwald franchise, and wear this tassel hat

Or better yet, go for a less interesting character’s more interesting headgear

Blues Brothers’ fedora

Haven’t seen the movie, so just gonna leave the link here. 

Winston Churchill’s hat

Though not his greatest feature, his brimmed hats were a fixture of the Winston Churchill persona. We were reminded of this in the darkest hour (long overdue Oscar for Oldman).


He wore a variety of them, but the one most recognizable is the black Homburg. 

A Clockwork Orange bowler hat

Certainly not the most recognizable on the list. But I had to mention the bowler or derby from Stanley Kubrick’s mind-f&#k of a movie

No, not that one. Not that one either. The other one. 

Malcolm McDowell’s Alex strutted around in a rather mellow piece while committing truly horrific crimes. 


Oh, and if you’re into movie posters, Clockwork’s is quite iconic

Charlie Chaplin’s bowler hat

Another one I couldn’t go without mentioning. Link. Also called a pork pie hat. 

Icon. Tramp. Has very talented grand-daughter. How come GoT doesn’t have any iconic hats? Stupid show. Stupid eighth season. And don’t get me started on the drag ….

Breakfast at Tiffany’s hat: size impractical

Good luck wearing that one around the neighborhood. Or maybe it is practical. What do I know about women’s hats?

Dr. Zhivago – 4 hours of fur hat

Apparently, the Dr. Zhivago movie started a whole trend of fur-hat wearing. The one I’m linking is responsible for zero animal deaths. 

My fair lady hat

In another heart-stealing performance, Audrey Hepburn gave us an iconic character and an iconic dress hat

Fortunately, I wasn’t able to find buyable choices for this flowery feathery monstrosity. 


The best thing I can say is, there aren’t many scarves that wouldn’t go with it. 

Sherlock Holmes’ Deerstalker cap

I was conflicted on whether to use the show or the 1940s movie franchise as the property to introduce the cap. But since the name of the post is so important to me, I went with the movie.

Long before Benedict Cumberbatch became a megastar and Robert Downey Jr tried and failed at a British accent, Basil Rathbone made this look iconic. 

What’s up with hunting and caps anyway? Hold up, Trapper is a type of hat?! I’ll have to rethink who this post is for.

Willy Wonka hat

Before the memes, there was a hat and an arresting performance. 

Responsible for early-onset diabetes around the world. 

The Goldfinger hat

Black. Flat brimmed hat. Decapitation. Conducts electricity – maybe because of the hidden metal weapon. I’m not sure it’s a goof. 

John Wayne in multiple movies

Last, but not least, any number of John Wayne’s hats. It’s tough to really pin down one hat from all the Westerns.


Especially when you consider how few I’ve seen. But Westerns equals John Wayne for me, so one of his Stetson hats will do. I just call them Cowboy hats because that’s as much I care to know about Westerns.

Final word

I hope that was as fun as a movie history lesson as it was pure fashion. I find generally talking about movies to be like a flashback machine.

And hats certainly did it for me. If I missed out any of your favorites, don’t bother letting me know. Check out some of the other blogs on the same topic.

I did not consider the hat sizes I may be dealing with. I’m sorry. Most of these were hats for men. I’m sorry. That’s what you get for clicking on random blogs.

I did find this great movie hat quiz on RottenTomatoes so give that a gander.

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