Costume parties are a thing. I never knew people don’t just watch movies in their tees and jeans. But they are a thing.

So is cosplay. That I do get. Either way, there is a demand for the list of best Hollywood movie costumes and props for sale. I have decided this. And I’m taking a jog through film history to populate this list. 

So the way I’ll be doing this is to include the most popular cosplay options and tell you where to get them. So you have to put in the absolute minimum effort to look like people you love. 

Unlike real cosplayers who consider it a labor of love. And take their time crafting the look. 

Also, I’m not getting into genuine props. I don’t trust the whole certificate of authenticity business. I don’t get how that works.

Pirates of the Carribean

I wrote a post about the Pirates franchise specifically. But I have come to learn that I’m very good at reusing material.

So here are the highlights. You have readymade Jack Sparrow outfits. The end. 

You can spruce up the base outfit with his trusty compass. The very much in-demand compass sought after by pirate and East India Company officials equally. 

There is the Flintlock pistol that played such a huge role in Dead Man’s chest

You’ll also need rusty looking blades to complete the look of a pirate lord. 

Suicide squad

Though the movie was a bomb of DC proportions, the movie did find kudos for Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn

There was a stupid baseball bat, apparently a weapon strong enough to take down ancient magical god-people

But for the more discerning Harley fan, there’s the hammer better suited for the character. Pity the Suicide Squad director didn’t agree. 

Because unlike a baseball bat, a hammer at least looks funny squashing CGI monsters. 


The reboot of the Ghostbusters movie (deep breaths) brought attention back to the once iconic look

It’s also an excellent way to start a flame war. I could’ve said icebreaker, but it is guaranteed to be a flame war. 

It comes with the backpack so you don’t need to buy that separately. Only top up you’ll need the officially licensed ecto-goggles

You can always break the mold and go for some steampunk-style goggles instead. Or any kind of innovation on the original.

Any. Good. Innovation. On the original.

Star Wars

Do I have to?

Lightsabers. Stormtroopers. Han Solo and ok, maybe the dice are still kinda cool. Hooded cloaks for Jedi masters (pull it down low for the dark side, a little higher for light).

And the blaster for when you want to shoot first

Snow White and the Huntsman

The surprise success of the first Snow White and the Huntsman movie has made the Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) costume rather popular. 

I can see why the costume inspired people, but the movie associated with it should’ve turned them off. Emily Blunt didn’t think so. 

queen-ravenna-snow-white-hollywood movie costumes and props for sale

But if it was Chris Hemsworth that caught your eye, you can always go as the huntsman. Complete with a hatchet to pose for badly lit photos


You may have your own views on the BvS and its sequel Justice league being a flaming pile of Kryptonian debris. But less debatable is that Batfleck caught on well. 

Hence, the disappointment at losing him when Robert Pattinson was announced as the new bat. I’m pumped that Pattinson is taking over. Watch Good Time if you want to know why. Seriously give it a go.

But to mourn (celebrate) the passing of the cowl, you can dress up as armored Batfleck

I couldn’t find a Kryptonite spear so you have full license to go around screaming ‘Why did you say that name?’ while brandishing the spear at strangers. 


Staying on the topic of canceled icons, howsabout dressing up as Daredevil. Good old double-D. The man without a renewal. 

daredevil-suit-charlie-cox-hollywood movie costumes and props for sale

This is top of the line stuff, much like seasons 1 and 2. You will need the cowl to get the tragic hero look

I’m disappointed the cowl comes without the opaque-looking lens. I’d have loved it if you came back here and told me you were bumping into stuff the whole time. Just lie.

Black Swan

So this one got me surprised. Dressing up as Black Swan is apparently a thing. Thank you, Jim Carey. 

I remember the movie for its excellent cinematography, Mila Kunis and realizing Darren Aronofsky is a goddamn genius. 

Then feeling ashamed when I found out he was the director of Requiem for a dream and for not remembering his name.

But dressing up as Natalie Portman’s nutty ballerina has become a bit of a trend as well. 

The Great Gatsby

This one was a little less surprising than the Black Swan trend. The Di Caprio, Maguire, Mulligan starrer got a lot of people interested in 1920s high society fashion.

the-great-gatsby-hollywood movie costumes and props for sale

You can get in on the action with this starter kit. Use diamonds for upgrades. 

I remember the movie for Elizabeth Debicki, but then I saw her next in GotG 2. So that romance died a quick death unless Adam Warlock swoops in to save the MCU. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn. Get the look, well, try. Or just wear the glasses and make your friends guess. That’s not annoying. 

Pulp fiction

I’d like to start off by saying I’m not trying to ride the coat-tails of the release of ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’. 

But if by some weird machinations of the Google hive-mind, a search for the movie got you here, Hey! Glad you’re here.

But there are some seriously iconic looks from this movie you can adopt. You can go as Thurman’s Mia Wallace

Or the rather thick Vincent Vega, the character played by Travolta. Or the Bible-quoting trigger-happy Jules

Side Note: The Vincent Vega model looks like a bad clothing change in a Hitman game. 

Side Note 2: Krysten Ritter for Mia Wallace, whenever some Hollywood studio makes an ill-advised Pulp fiction remake. 


The horror movie. There was a sequel after many, many years. It was successful. It’s trending again

Final word

That should do for this iteration of the list. But I’ll be sure to add something interesting if and when they pop up.

Meanwhile, feel free to suggest some ideas. I’ll be sure to ignore it for a month, then apologize and maybe add it to the list.

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