I’ve always treated the title of my posts as a general area of focus. So the best video movie and video game weapon replicas are just loose terms of definition.

When I say weapon replicas, I mean replicas of any kind. I’d go so far as shields.

And by game adaptations, I mean any property that I deem should be adapted into a movie or TV show. 

And by sale I mean … ok that one’s accurate.

I’ll tell you straight away the title that built my disdain for accuracy to the title. BioShock. How does IP like Bloodrayne get movie adaptations while Rapture and Columbia get the shaft?

Keeping that in mind, the list will be the best video game replicas for IP that has been adapted or should be adapted.

The BioShock series

When 2K Boston, later Irrational games, and 2K Australia teamed up to create an engrossing underwater world in 2007, players rejoiced.

Many straight away would’ve begun hoping for adaptations. I’ve gotta admit I was late to the party. A bit of a theme for the entire post. 

In the underwater city of Rapture, the devs had created a full ecosystem. No mean feat for a game whose single-player campaign lasts about 15 hours according to HLTB

rapture-bioshock-movie and video game weapon replicas

By the end of the game, we had splicers, big daddies (hmmm), little sisters, plasmids, ADAM, EVE, Andrew Ryan, Atlas, Dr. Tenenbaum, and Fontaine take pride of place in our memories.

We also got one of the best in-game cutscenes in gaming history. By the same character that gave one of the greatest intros to a game world

Go on, relive those memories. I’ll wait. The graphics are dated now, but still somehow a ridiculously playable game.

Only a few games have ever married a great story and atmosphere with solid gameplay. BioShock managed that. Then built upon it with BioShock 2 (different developer).

And then took it to its peak with BioShock Infinite (visuals-wise at least. BioShock 1 is bae). In Infinite we were introduced to a floating city.

columbia-bioshock-movie and video game weapon replicas

A city that you can traverse with a sky-rail system. You used a hook and you traveled a floating city. While shooting at people. 

We had plasmids in 1 and 2 to accentuate the decent gunplay. Superpowers for the uninitiated. 

Then rebranded as vigors for a different city (the floating Columbia). Is it a different city though?

Then just cut off. No new games, no adaptations. If rumors were to be believed Gore Verbinski (of Pirates of the Carribean fame) wanted to adapt. But it did not work out.

So now we’re left with what is. Which is quite a lot, still, could’ve been more. 

Big Daddies and Little sisters

The victims of sorts of rapture, these two form arguably the biggest gameplay element of the first two games.

Essentially NPCs for plasmids, players constantly came into contact with them throughout the campaigns. 

big-daddy-little-sister-movie and video game weapon replicas

You have the obligatory plush toys for them. Make them more palatable and kid-friendly I guess. 

But it was the way the designers made them unsettling and lovable at the same time that really had us hooked to this city. 

That’s a proper collectible. Not for the weak of interest and light of wallet. But it gets the look right. 

There are lesser vinyl figures, good for a temporary desk. But for a more permanent accommodation, you can get a slightly aggressive version

I’m not even sure what good a Hypo syringe is as a collectible, but it too made quite an impression

Big Sister

The big addition to the roster from BioShock was the Big Sister. What a badass suit-up scene that could’ve been? But I guess that would’ve killed the tone.

To Infinite and no further

Now for BioShock Infinite, that dared mess with known American history to create a far more convoluted one. 

It had people featured on currency bills become badass attack robots. I don’t quite remember this one, but it’s out there so it must’ve been in the game (DLC?). 

There was this freak (I’m sorry for judging) that acted as scouts for enemy parties. The design was excellent and met BioShock standards. 

Then there were the vigors. Ah, the vigors. I got a kick each time a bottle was popped. I’m guessing this is what pro reviewers mean by good sound design. 

My favorite design was Undertow. Never used the skill though. Least favorite was a toss-up between Crows and Charge

You can always get the entire set to put reminders throughout your base of operations

That concludes my reminiscence of BioShock, for now.

Assassin’s Creed

So glad we got this adaptation. I have never been gladder for the existence of Netflix and Prime. They’re my last hope for a Black Flag series starring the suitably Welsh Taron Egerton as Kenway. 

How cool would it be if we get a more fun version of Black Sails (I hear it’s ok?) with assassin blades and eagle screaming.

The sense of adventure, the decent plot if you take out a long narrative thread with other AC stories, historical characters thrown in (please don’t make Blackbeard an idiot). It’s perfect!

It has a guy carrying 4 Flintlock pistols and a couple more in his pirate swords!

edward-kenway-assassins-creed-movie and video game weapon replicas

Much like the Hypo needle, I’m not sure what a hidden blade collectible would do. But hey, people are buying it. 

A take on AC 3 I feel would be more ‘relevant’ (big air quotes, huge!) and maybe has a better chance of being adapted. 

It would have the coolest name for the lead assassin, Ratonhaketon (I’m not gonna look up the spelling, it ain’t worth the trouble). 

If they were to go for more recent titles, they can go greek (sounds nudist). 

Or they can go with the most popular, at least in terms of titles led, Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Multiple seasons, Renaissance Rome, come on streaming behemoths. 

The linked figure is from the weakest entry, Revelations. The one with least Templar intervention. 

Or just a Syndicate crossover with Taboo. I don’t care, just give me Evie Fry

Halo replicas

A much-revered franchise that could do with an adaptation, even a stupid one. 

If done right, the role of Masterchief could easily make someone’s career. But the problem with these is that they always cast someone a bit too young for the role. 

halo-masterchief-movie and video game weapon replicas

See Tom Holland and Uncharted, although I’m hopeful for that one. 

Arbiter fans can get a toy and a kiddie energy sword

There is the spacecraft that carried Masterchief and co through the first 3 (the only 3) Halo games. Pillar of autumn

The best piece I found was THE helmet. The one that identifies the main man of the Halo franchise (the only one). 

You can get replica guns for series favorites starting with the Needler, the plasma rifle and the Blaster

Dark Souls

Let me start by saying that I haven’t even attempted to play the games. None of them. Bloodborne.

But the visuals are just plain awesomeness in dark knight suits. And there is a rich mythology to the Dark Souls world. Why shouldn’t there be a movie adaptation?

dark-souls-III-movie and video game weapon replicas

Well for one, the story is like that of an indie film and the visuals that of a big-budget production. So this one’s bust.

No scary dudes in beautifully detailed Knight armors swinging around medieval swords as tall as they are. Certainly no greatswords. Unlike the next entry. 


But if Warcraft is more your speed, the list of replicas can get big quite fast. 

You can wield the weapon of the Lich King and then the fallen prince, mighty Frostmourne. That’s enough Mordor talk.

You can get the iconic helm, that extracted high-pitched squeals from fans everywhere. Pity we never got there in the movie franchise. 

There’s Durotan’s axe for the green of skin and long of teeth. (What am I even saying?)

There’s even Doomhammer. A name very familiar to gamers. This one actually made it into that silly movie. 

And many broadswords and greatswords and grand swords that the extras carried around in very forgettable battle scenes. 

Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice

But back to franchises that’ll never be. Why not this one? Kill Bill meets Dark Souls. And the title is sexier than any thong the behemoth baddies in the game wear. 

You’ll have Japanese swords AKA Samurai swords AKA katana swords AKA katanas being unleashed at barely clothed Western actors shouting random Japanese words during a bloody battle. 

sekiro-shadows-movie and video game weapon replicas

And the theme is revenge. The set-pieces are already there in the form of the boss battles. 

What demographic doesn’t that appeal to? Plus you know, ninja weapons. Great merchandising opportunity guys! Gimme it!

Prince of Persia

Another big-screen adaptation that deserved better. I’m not saying the story in Prince of Persia is exactly great for a 90-min movie.

But the least it could’ve been was fun. But apparently the people responsible thought that meant wooden verbal exchanges between actors with zero chemistry. 

I believe the sword he used to cut down uninteresting baddies is called a scimitar. It looks kinda interesting, unlike the dull visuals in the movie. 

There’s the dagger the two uninterested leads fight over throughout the movie. Ending in the mother of all rewinds, similar to the ending of the first game Sands of Time. So they got that right.

Final word

I’m gonna stop this list for now. No strength to look through combat knives from Resident Evil or giant swords from the Final Fantasy. Not really into the FF franchise. 

And despite the pure awesomeness of the 2016 Doom, the stink of the movie is not gonna wash off that property for a while. Though this helmet will go a long way to making that happen. 

The beauty of this title is that I can keep adding to it, as and when I come across good stuff. As a gamer and avid movie-watcher, I can’t wait for good adaptations like many reading this.

Just, not gonna hold my breath is all.

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