Quentin Tarantino has written and directed many iconic movies in his career. Almost every single one becoming fodder for discussion for movie viewers

But I’ll be listing The Hateful eight movie locations around Colorado. Because who talks about the plot or acting performances in a Tarantino movie. 

His movies get a cult-like following. The reasons for this are numerous. Think Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown. 

But there’s always a few things that I can guarantee before sitting down to watch his movie. 

His characters will have juicy dialogue to chew through. They will take their time delivering it. Yet, taking even one away will seem like robbing the viewer of something. 

I hesitate to say something like ‘tight’ script. But that’s the feeling you get while watching Tarantino films. 

There is so much being said. Yet each line feels like it has a pay-off around the corner. That’s why his movies are so rewatchable.

This trend seemed to hit a peak of sorts with The Hateful Eight, one of Tarantino’s two Westerns. But surprisingly, it didn’t get an Academy Award or even a nomination for Best Original Screenplay. 

I don’t consider it one of Tarantino’s best films, but that’s still a pretty big miss from the Academy. 

Written and directed by Tarantino, this one has Sam L Jackson playing the out-and-out protagonist.

Ennio Morricone won the Oscar for Best Original Score. Working with Morricone had been a lifelong dream for Tarantino so this movie marked a huge personal achievement for him. 

The cinematography rightly scored an Oscar nom for Robert Richardson.

The Hateful Eight cast

Like most Tarantino features post-Death proof, this one features a big cast of powerhouse performers. 

Mainstay Sam L Jackson leads the cast alongside Kurt Russell (how is this his first Tarantino pic?) and Jennifer Jason Leigh (also first collaboration). Leigh won the Oscar for the Best Supporting Actress. 

Walton Goggins, of The Shield fame, joins them in a death-defying role. Other Tarantino favorites, Tim Roth and Michael Madsen return. 

And Channing Tatum?

The Hateful Eight Setting

So the story goes like this. Kurt Russell’s character is a bounty hunter. He is tasked with capturing and bringing Leigh’s villainous Daisy to the law.


He’s traveling by stagecoach through snowy mountain terrain. Sam L Jackson’s character asks for and gets a lift after an exchange with Russell. Walton Goggins, claiming to be the Sheriff also joins them. 

They arrive at a tavern and can’t keep going further because of a blizzard. So we are now sealed in a tavern with a man on a time-sensitive mission.


Also in play are Daisy’s gang who Russell’s hero knows is out there looking for her. 

And surprise, surprise the tavern is filled with a bunch of characters with unknown intentions. The original owners of the popular haunt are nowhere to be seen. I’m sure that little detail goes nowhere. 

So we have a powder keg in play, maybe, 30 mins into the action. 

The outdoor shots make a small portion of the movie. So why write about the locations you ask? It was that or heavy fur coats shown in the movie.

And I’m really passionate about protecting animals and stuff. So I didn’t want to bring any undue attention to the fantastic brown piece worn by …

Or about the fantastic wigs worn by the cast (except for that magnificent Kurt Russell mustache). But as a follically challenged individual, this would’ve been too painful.

The movie locations

So there’s very little to cover the locations. Just the mountain it was shot and the tavern where it all goes down. And it does go down. In sharp, sudden episodes. 

The pauses between these are where the magic lies. 

The tavern – Minnie’s haberdashery

The tavern where our heavily clothed characters collide is a studio in Los Angeles. Red Studios to be exact. Not really worth visiting if you’re not in LA.

Plus it’s a studio. It’s not gonna preserve the tavern set. 

The outdoors

That leaves us the outdoors. The outdoor scenes were filmed on a ranch. A certain Schmid Ranch close to Telluride in Colorado.


If Telluride sounds familiar, it’s because there’s a pretty big film festival held there every year. 

Just this year, they had the Matt Damon and Christian Bale starrer Ford vs Ferrari premiere there. 

So this ranch is built on beautiful mountain country, close to an (annual) film festival and can host weddings. 

Yep, that’s the pitch. You can have your wedding at the same place where Tarantino filmed his movie. And you know, Tarantino and weddings, they end up quite eventful. 

Oh, and the mountain overlooking the ranch, Wilson peak, is the one featured on Coors beer bottles and cans. 

Oh, and Colorado is famous for beer. Many varieties of it. Some of the best craft beer included. 


If you’re wondering why the shots looked as good and chilly as they did. They were shot on 70mm film in the middle of winter on the Rockies. 

Final word

So if you haven’t checked it out already, make sure you watch The Hateful Eight

It’s also on Blu-Ray if you’re funny that way. Oh and a spoiler for my Once upon a time in Hollywood – locations post – it’s in LA, yeah.

You might find yourself falling headlong into the Tarantino filmography after this. (You haven’t already?)

Then might I recommend the adventures of the bride? Or maybe the Basterds are more your style? Either way, you will be sold to. 

Or you’re just all in when it comes to Tarantino, from Mr. Blonde to Dr. Schultz. What better way to celebrate your fine taste than to own the big box set of tasteful gore.

Then, just to drive the point home, the book that covers his amazing filmography in glossy detail. It has some fantastic quotes and inside details on each movie of his.

But for strict Hateful Eight fans, there are action figures you can own. I recommend the serious one for Sam Jackson and the less-serious one for Kurt Russell.

Plus to round off the movie discussion, Tarantino himself claims that he can see Hateful Eight being presented as a play. What with it being shot in a single location. 

Plus, at the time of writing, Tarantino’s next movie had just come out. I haven’t watched it yet, but Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has Di Caprio and Brad Pitt! And it deals with the Manson murders. 

If that’s not enough reason to check it out, then get off this page. But feel free to browse my many other write-ups.

Extra: Is it just me or are posters for recent Tarantino movies kinda stale AKA crap?

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